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Power BI Desktop & Mapping using Latitude and Longitude

I was mapping some UK stop and search data for the West Midlands, and was trying to use the Latitude and Longitude items in the data set, and could not get it to map the incidents. I was dragging the fields to the Latitude and Longitude boxes in the visualisation options, but it didn’t seem map the incidents on the map. Confused…. well after a bit of investigation it seems that you need to concatenate the Latitude and Longitude to a new column, in this case I named it location ‘Location = [Latitude]&”,”&[Longitude]‘ together and placed it in the Location option, and it will map the location correctly. A bit counter-intuitive, considering that you have the option of creating a Data Category for the Latitude and Longitude columns and it creates a nice little map icon next to them in the field selector. Not sure what the separate Lat and Long boxes are for then?

Mapping In Power BI